Friday 9 September 2022

SESSION J - Human dimensions­
Moderator: Jim Casaer
A new approach to bridge the gap between ecology and human dimensions of wild boar management

S Chamaillé-Jammes 1, R. Mathevet 2
1CNRS, CEFE, Univ. Montpellier, France
2IFP, UMIFRE 21 CNRS/MAEE, Puducherry, India

A dynamic dashboard for the adaptive management of wild boar in Flanders

Lynn Pallemaerts 1, Anneleen Rutten 1, Sander Devisscher 1, Jim Casaer 1
1INBO, Belgium

Moral values and habituation drive citizen perception of wild boar in Barcelona: a love & hate story

Carles Conejero 1, Carlos González-Crespo 1, Clara Pretus 2, Aníbal Arregui 3, Jaume Fatjó 2, Raquel Castillo-Contreras 1, Emmanuel Serrano 1, Santiago Lavín 1, Gregorio Mentaberre 4, Jorge R. Lopez-Olvera 1
2Chair Affinity Foundation Animals and Health, UAB, Spain
3Departament d'Antropologia Social, UB, Spain

Reversible Pigs? Oscillating perceptions and relations in the human-wild boar interface

Anibal G. Arregui - Department of Social Anthropology, University of Barcelona, Spain

Bewildering numbers: a social analysis of how population estimates shape human-wild pig relations

Luděk Brož 1, Paul Keil 1, Kieran O’Mahony 1
1Department of Ecological Anthropology, Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences. Czech Republic

The influence of income and loss on hunters’ attitudes towards wild pigs and their management

Samantha Leivers 1, Keith Carlisle 2, Rachel Connally 1, Maureen Frank 1, John Tomecek 1
1Texas A&M University
2Colorado State University, USA